The Most Feared Bug Hunters

Have you ever received a demand to test the security of an application or a server and needed to run multiple tools but no one was giving you the time to set them up? Don't need to answer, we understand your pain.

Combining multiple tools is a recommended technique during penetration tests because it improves the chance of finding more vulnerabilities. And we know that missing one vulnerability may be fatal for our client.

The problem resides on how to combine multiple tools effortlessly and centralize their findings afterwards. Time is crucial when it comes to a penetration testing. Consultants should neither waste their time doing a tool's job nor installing/updating scanners.

How We Can Help

What if you didn't have to install any tool and could run them from the cloud to test your customers' applications and servers? Even if they're internal? Well, we've got you covered. Our cloud-based platform includes:

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