Terms Of Service

Easy to read, easy to grasp


Gauntlet is a product from Flare Security, a privately held security firm located in São Paulo, Brazil.

These terms here are meant to highlight what your rights are and what obligations do you have. If you have any questions, just drop us an email to contact {at} gauntlet.io.


Your Rights

Account Cancelling

You can do it anytime, seriously. No strings attached in here. Just go to "Organizations -> Plans -> Cancel My Plan".


We understand that privacy is a very important topic that should be taken seriously. Please check our privacy policy for details.


We must secure all the data that belongs to you. For that we have a dedicated page. Please check product security page for details.


Prohibited Usage

Credential Sharing

Your account is intended to be used by a single person. And this person is you alone. It's a bad security practice after all to share credentials. Don't share your password. You can always invite someone to join your team on Gauntlet and even define granular permissions for them.

Scanning Assets Without Authorization

You're responsible for the scan you're launching. You need a formal authorization prior launching scan on assets using Gauntlet. Be sure to have them on hand if someone reports to us.

Illegal Activities

You must not use Gauntlet to perform any activity that goes against the law in your home country, United States and Brazil. Some examples are computer crime and transmission or storage of illegal content.

Take Advantage Of Possible Unauthorized Access

May you find a security bug or somehow get access to unauthorized data, you're not allowed to keep it. You must inform security [at] gauntlet.io for us to fix and thank you for your responsible disclosure.

Functionality Abuse

For example some functionalities send emails. You're responsible to not abuse such features to spam users, but it applies to any functionality that abused may cause harm.



Scanner Presents on Gauntlet Can't Find All Vulnerabilities

Scanners are naturally susceptible to false-negatives. False-negatives is not finding a particular result when it should. But scanners aren't fool proof and may not find all existent vulnerabilities. It must be clear for you.

You're Responsible For Every Scan You Start

Scans increase the load time, may fill the database with garbage information and may disrupt the asset's service somehow. If you're not willing to accept that after effects may occur, you should NOT start a scan.

You're Responsible For Everything You Input

Every form you fill, every image you upload, every source code you upload and anything else that can be used as an input is intended to have been properly authorized for you to do so. You can't input anything that you're not authorized to.

Breaches In These Terms May Result In Account Suspencion

It's simple as that. We all need rules to get a more friendly and secure environment.



Name and Logo Usage Authorization

By signing up you agree to allow us to use your company name and logo for marketing purposes such as disposing them in our home site.